MDT – Part 6

Imaging Made Simple – WDS Setup

Now we need enable the WDS role. You will add the role in Server Manager. Click on Manage then Add Roles and Features

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click on Windows Deployment Service

Click on Add Features

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Install

Click Close

Once you get that done open up WDS

Expand Servers and you will notice it has an Exlamation Point, right click and click Configure Server

Click Next

On the next screen you are asked Integrated with Active Directory or Standalone Server. I always do Standalone. I click Next

Next select the drive where you want the files to be and click Next. If you choose the OS drive you will get an warning message.

Select, Respond to all Client and Computers (known and unknown), Click Next

The process will start install

Uncheck the box Add Images to the Server Now and click Finish

In the next post we will clean up the MDT share settings and upload the boot file.

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