Install Azure Monitor Agent on Azure Arc Machines

Today’s article I will detail out how to install the Azure Monitoring Agent (AMA) on Azure Arc Enabled VM’s. I will state for the record there are a couple of methods in order to accomplish this goal. One is to use a Powershell script and also using Azure Policies. I will focus on the script method. If you want to examine the policies method, you need to be aware there is a cost associated with this use case. Enough of that, let’s get into this.

Once you have the VM onboarded into arc remote log onto the portal and open up the Azure CLI. The script will look something like this:
az connectedmachine extension create –name AzureMonitorWindowsAgent –publisher Microsoft.Azure.Monitor –type AzureMonitorWindowsAgent –machine-name –resource-group –location –enable-auto-upgrade true

Change the script for your environment

run the command but you might need to set the subscription you are working with. While it’s running it will look something like this

After its complete it will look something like this

To verify its complete go into the Azure Arc ,

Click on Servers

Click on the server you just enabled the AMA agent and then extensions within the blade. You can see the AMA was successfully installed.

Hopefully this will help, till next time.

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