Deploy Azure Arc

In this post I will walk you through the steps to on-boarding on-prem Windows server to Azure. What is Azure Arc you may ask? Here is an article to describe it best. In short it enables you to bring on-prem or Windows VM’s hosted in other cloud environments into Azure for management. That is very simplistic but that is how I relate to it. Enough of that, let’s get to it.

The first step is to log onto the Azure Portal and search for Azure Arc the screen will look like this.

I would like to note that you can add more than just Windows VM’s. From this blade click on Servers and the following screen will come up.

From this screen you will see any current VM’s and or Servers that you have enrolled already. Click on Add

Once you get to this screen you will see you have a few options. We are just going to use “add a single server” click on Generate Script. The following screen will come up.

Review the requirements and verify you have all what you need. Click Next and the following screen will come up

Fill out the form, this will be where the resources will be stored in Azure and how they will connect. Click next

Fill out any tags that you would like to be associated with the VM

This is the beauty it after you have walked through the previous screens you will presented with a script download and put on the machine.

I always bring up the command prompt in Admin Mode to make sure you have the correct permissions. Execute the script.

If the client needs anything the script will download and install them.

You will then be prompted to logon. The required roles are Azure Connected Machine Onboarding or Contributor

Once you sign-in it will look something like this

After the script closes it can take up to 15 minutes for the machine to show up in the portal. Here is a great link that describes ways to work with the agent once you get it enrolled in Azure Arc.

Thats all there is to on-boarding into Azure Arc. My next blog will build on this one on how to enable the Azure Monitoring Agent.

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