Ansible CentOS-8

Been working with Ansible for a little time now but needed to update my game. CentOS-8 was not much different to get Ansible running than on CentOS-7 with kerberos working but I could not find a complete guide that detailed out what all you need. I did add in some extra installs not needed but I do use. One other item I would like to point out. For some reason and I am looking into it, if you use DNF or YUM to install Ansible and try to run playbooks to Windows devices there is a error message that says WINRM is not installed but it is. If you use PIP no issues. Hope this helps, if you have any suggestions on why it is acting the way it does PIP versus DNF please let me know.

Enough of that, lets get into it.

yum -y update
yum -y install epel-release
yum -y install gcc
yum -y install vim-enhanced
yum -y install git
yum -y install svn
yum -y install python3
yum -y install python3-devel
yum -y install krb5-devel 
yum -y install krb5-workstation
yum -y install sshpass
pip3 install pywinrm2
pip3 install pywinrm2[kerberos]
pip3 install pyvmomi
 pip3 install ansible

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