VIM Color Settings

One of my hardest things with learning linux is all the tools. VIM with Ansible is essential and the color coding is even more critical. The default enhanced version is sometimes hard to read. In this quick tutorial I will show you how to look at different color schema that you can make it permanent.

Enough of that, lets get into it.

First you need to know what color schema you have. If you browse to

(Note the number designation is the version that you are using)

In my install I have the following

If you are in VIM you can issue the following command to test out the different schema

:colo delek

Once you get one you like if you want you can set it to be permanent. In order to do this you will need to edit a file and or create in the following directory

vim /etc/vimrc 

Create the file with the following command

vim ~/.vimrc

In the VIM window issue the following command

colorscheme delek
(just replace what schema with the one you want)

That should be all you need change the color schema. Have Fun

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